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Chef Tonne' Services

Management Consulting: Includes, however not limited too, institutional food service consultants, we can undertake a myriad of projects.

Set up an In-house Food Service Operation: We organize and operate a in-house program. Every aspect of food service is treated with special emphasis on the specific needs of your facility.

Design the Food Service Facility: We engineer food preparation areas for safety and efficient workflow. Bobsaith Consulting helps its clients create attractive dining facilities for optimal traffic flows and ease of maintenance. We will work with your architect or facilities designer to maximize usefulness and appearance.

Staff Training and Recruitment: We will train your in-house staff, ranging from cooks and managers to clean-up personnel. We will provide guidelines for recruitment, or participate in the recruitment process, if needed.

Equipment Selection: We provide guidance in selecting everything from machinery to flatware. Our familiarity with the market enables us to completely equip a facility while optimizing cost.

Nutritional Guidance and Menu Development: We provide guidance on the nutritional requirements and preferences of children, teenagers, adults, laborers, and office workers. In addition, we can develop menus based on local and cultural preferences and provide recipes as well.

Budgeting and Forecasting: We can prepare budgets for running an in-house operation based on different levels of service. We will set up procedures to control your cost overruns.

Purchasing and Procurement: We will work with you to optimize purchasing by showing you how to buy seasonally or in bulk, and how to identify local suppliers who can fill your needs in terms of price and quality.

Customer Relations: We identify your customer’s needs and desires in your food service facility, including staff performance and attitude. We train your employees and managers in all aspects of customer service.
If it concerns food service, our consulting division stands ready to help, either to set up an entire in-house operation, or just refine some of the fine points.